Historical Maps

To see a larger map of the area by Taylor and Skinner 1777 click on the map above (opens in a new tab)      

Find my house

Hello Boys and girls. Do you live in or near Moira. Is your house an old one or a new one? If you look carefully in the images below you might be able to find your house. Happy hunting.  

Church Histories

In my writing, whether in print or online, my intention includes sharing how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has impacted Moira. Much of this will appear in summary form in the book “Finding Footprints.” But this site offers links to Read More …

The Tunnel

There is supposed to have been a tunnel from Moira Castle leading to the Church. Some think it was used by the Rawdon family and their servants as their means of entry to the Church but it is more likely Read More …


We will share occasional articles relating to the history of Moira; often extracts from the forthcoming book or new information found during on-going research. These are accessed using the menu in the sidebar on the right.