Book reviews

Finding Footprints:

27th February 2019

I just wanted to commend you, so highly, on your book. It was so informative, intriguing and interesting and I had the entire book read before the New Year!! … I also gave the second copy to my Dad and he too is enjoying it greatly. Thanks again for sharing this information with us. It is obvious how much time and research went into the book and I feel it will be such an amazing gift to leave for generations to come. Thanks again, M


28th November 2018

Driving or even walking through this quaint village does not in any way reveal a village with such a wonderful history. This is why David McFarland’s book, Finding Footprints makes such a fascinating read. It is one of those books that once started is difficult to leave aside until one has read the entire 169 pages.

Finding Footprints gives an insight into Moira’s history that most will find captivating. It would make an excellent present and especially for our nonbeliever friends since it opens the door to discuss the Gospel in a gentle and persuasive way.

Irvine Grey. Lurgan